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Piedmont Virginia Community College

TriVision recently added another major school organization to its portfolio: Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC). The college, which is located just south of Charlottesville, Virginia, needed an effective marketing video that highlighted student services and the programs it offers to both new and returning students.

The crew from TriVision traveled on-site to PVCC for two full days of production to capture the campus and student life in action. TriVision also filmed testimonial interviews of students and staff members, where they spoke about their experience with the school.

TriVision traveled on-site to PVCC for two full days of production to capture students and staff at Piedmont Virginia Community College.The footage was later edited into three short videos with the mission to attract more students and promote the Piedmont brand. Each 3-minute video features a different segment of its student services, such as its admissions and career departments, and its veteran and child care services.
The videos are a great marketing tool to attract new and returningstudents, as well as to promote the Piedmont College brand.

To watch one of the three marketing videos TriVision produced for PVCC, please click on the thumbnail to the right.

Woodbridge Pharmacy

MARKETING & BRANDING For Woodbridge Pharmacy

Woodbridge PharmacyAs a growing family business for over ten years, the owners of Woodbridge Pharmacy realized their business needed a change.  Although the pharmacy had its list of loyal customers for many years, the owners knew their business needed to revitalize its image and implement a new more aggressive marketing campaign in order to expand and grow beyond just a neighborhood pharmacy.

Woodbridge PharmacyWoodbridge Pharmacy offers beyond what a typical pharmacy provides. From free delivery of prescriptions to medication compounding, e-prescriptions, medication counseling, and home health products, Woodbridge Pharmacy knows the importance of relationship marketing and meeting customers’ special needs.

Woodbridge PharmacyUpon their initial consultation with TriVision, the first and foremost task at hand was to revamp the Woodbridge Pharmacy brand. TriVision did this by designing a professional new logo that represented their line of work integrated with modern design elements.

Woodbridge Pharmacyonline marketing

After completion of the branding phase, TriVision provided professional photography of their office and staff. The photos were later used for their website and marketing collateral, such as business cards and postcards, which TriVision also designed and printed. 

Woodbridge Pharmacy Marketing VideoNo marketing is complete without video. In addition, TriVision produced a two-minute marketing video highlighting Woodbridge Pharmacy’s services and amenities. To view this video, please click on the thumbnail to the left.online marketing

Currently, TriVision provides online marketing services for Woodbridge Pharmacy which include management of its SEO, blogging, and social media platforms. All these marketing efforts have helped Woodbridge Pharmacy stand out from other pharmacies in the area. The pharmacy has already expanded and opened a new location called Manassas Pharmacy, for which TriVision also provided branding.

To visit Woodbridge Pharmacy, please go to www.WoodbridgeRx.com.

Did You Know

Four Steps for Using Images in Your Brand's Social Strategy

PVCCJust when marketers thought they'd mastered social media marketing—creating and monitoring tweets, posts, and links—now the social Web is morphing again.

Today, social networks are all about images. Photo-centric social sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are rising quickly in popularity, while Facebook continues to revamp its Web and mobile feeds to focus on the more than 300 million photos its members upload every day.

To succeed with social marketing, brands now need to move beyond text-based posts to develop an image-driven strategy, incorporating photos, logos, and graphics into their social content programs.

Here are four practical ways to incorporate images into your social media marketing programs.

shareable images1. Select shareable images
Comb through your company's likely vast repository of images—campaign images, product photos, logos, graphics, and more—to identify those with the most emotional appeal. Funny, beautiful, interesting, touching, and fascinating images are the most likely to be shared, and thus they are the best candidates for image-based social marketing. Mine your social media metrics to find out which ad campaigns resonated the most with your social followers, and then promote images from those campaigns.

PVCC2. Post on visual networks
Many brands have at least one Facebook page and a Twitter account, but do you have accounts on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram? Those image-driven sites are growing far faster than Facebook, and they are highly popular among Millennials.

PVCC3. Monitor and measure
Tracking and monitoring social-sharing patterns of your brand images is important, but doing so remains challenging since most social media monitoring tools track only text keywords in posts and tags. If you tag your brand photos, you'll be able to more easily track sharing patterns and their impact on engagement and marketing ROI.

PVCC4. Encourage brand advocates
The people who share your brand images are your best advocates; make sure to reward them for sharing, posting, and pinning your visuals. By using social media monitoring and image recognition, you can identify who is sharing your photos the most often, with whom, and how that sharing affects both engagement with your brand and sales.

The social Web today is becoming all about images. If your brand isn't using its visual assets on social networks, you're missing out on positive customer engagement and increased sales.

Story Courtesy of Marketingprofs.com

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Video Statistics: The Marketer's Summary

PVCCAs Vine and Instagram Video battle for users, one thing is clear: People go crazy for online videos. In the US alone, each person consumes an average of 19 hours of video per month. (No, we're not just talking cat videos or giggling babies.)

According to a recent infographic by Invodo, consumers watch product videos 60% of the time. Some 52% of consumers do so because they feel more confident about their purchase decisions after watching the product videos.

Product videos can also be used for...

  • Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • In-store QR codes

Shoppers who view video are 174% more likely to make purchases than viewers who did not, according to Invodo.All those product video views translate into more sales for businesses.

Shoppers who view video are 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not, according to Invodo. And almost 40% of consumers report that videos increase their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device.

Story Courtesy of Marketingprofs.com

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