The single best gauge of performance success from your marketing and communications campaigns comes from thorough and detailed market research. It’s imperative to your initiative that you fully understand your market, your audience and the competition. In some cases, your campaign may be very unique, with limitless potential to attract a new audience and break new ground with a new product or idea. In other cases, you may be entering a very competitive, active market and your message might easily be lost among the noise, quickly overcome by the competition.

Every marketing campaign will begin with some degree of market research, depending on the opportunity and customer potential. This research, however, must be balanced against the project timeline, resources and return on investment (ROI) goals – and support the overall production, sales and promotion strategies. Industry research on the Internet to find online competition, determine advertising spending trends or gauge social media sentiment can be quick and accurate. Soliciting feedback directly from customers, testing advertisement and keyword variations, analyzing B2B industry affinities and possible partnerships, and “testing the waters” with direct mail or interview techniques can take more time, expense and coordination.Regardless of the scale or complexity of your marketing objectives, we can help. Our years of market research and campaign strategy cover many industries and many research methods including:

  • Determining marketplace sentiments and customer behavior
  • Designing customer profile targets
  • Discovering market communication and language preferences
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Identifying and profiling competitive gaps, in both product and audience
  • Marketplace keyword research, in both organic and paid advertising
  • Translating marketplace expertise into prospect incentives and mindshare
  • Market reputation and perception risk management
  • Pre-empting and dealing with customer  objections and negative feedback



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